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New Moms/Birthing Parents

You are experiencing so many things at once. You are amazed at this new little person, you are frustrated at how hard even the easiest things can be, and you feel confused by how all the moving parts of motherhood fit together. Your body and mind are tired.  You’re worried these feelings will never change or that you might feel this overwhelmed forever. 

Motherhood is a huge transition. It is HARD. It can also be hard to find the support you deserve. I’ve walked a mile in your shoes, and I understand.

I know you’re tired, but you’ve come this far in taking steps to look for help. That’s a great beginning. Please reach out for a free fifteen-minute consultation so we can see if I’m the right fit to help you start feeling better. 

Feel Supported in Mothering

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Caregivers of Ill Loved Ones

Caregivers for people with memory loss and chronic illness face unique challenges.

You feel tired and overwhelmed from the constant worry and to do list. You are the keeper of schedules, doctor appointments and medications, leaving little time or energy for your own life. You’re starting to feel really worn down.  There’s so much to remember, so many details to keep organized.

It’s painful to watch your loved one change. You’re no longer able to do so many of the things you once did together. You’re trying hard to enjoy the moments together, but it’s a struggle.

Your needs often get lost in the shuffle. You give so much to help others, but now it’s time for you to get the care you need.  Please reach out for a free fifteen minute phone consultation so we can talk about how you can get support.

Hi, I’m Mary.

As a licensed creative arts therapist, I interweave creative approaches with traditional talk therapy to help explore old patterns, broaden thinking and find new solutions to your struggles. I have specialty training in perinatal mental health, dementia, mindfulness, end of life care, and chronic illness. Learn more about me…

I care deeply about helping caregivers find the support they need.

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Changing roles in your family life can be stressful, and cause tension in your most important relationships. Together, we can honor your story so you can navigate these changes and feel empowered, purposeful and clear.

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