Hi, I’m Mary.


A Little About Me

I care deeply about helping caregivers find the support they need.

I help caregivers feel supported so that you can both care for yourself and sustain the energy needed to support your loved ones.

I’ve been burnt out, overwhelmed by the weight of people needing me to get things right. It hurts. It’s difficult. I understand caregiving from the inside out and know how hard it can be. I’m here to honor your story and help you untangle it.

As a mom myself, I understand the huge adjustment that comes from becoming a parent. Together we can talk about the messy, raw, hard parts of mothering little ones, not the Instagram version of motherhood. I also have over ten years of experience working with people with memory loss and medical illness, and it’s touched my personal life deeply too.

My goal is to help caregivers work through the many mixed feelings that come up so that you can care for your yourself while you do the heavy lifting of caring for others.


BFA from New York University

MA in Drama Therapy from New York University

Member of Postpartum Support International with specialty training in perinatal mental health

Certified Dementia Practitioner

Registered Yoga Teacher

Ready to get care for you?

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Changing roles in your family life can be stressful, and cause tension in your most important relationships. Together, we can honor your story so you can navigate these changes and feel empowered, purposeful and clear.

Address: 1183 North Avenue, Suite 1, Beacon, NY 12508

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