Caregiver Support

Are you feeling overwhelmed supporting an ill loved one and feeling lost within the process?

Are you constantly worrying?

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

Do you find yourself feeling irritable, finding small things angering and frustrating?

Do you find yourself snapping at your loved one?

Are you struggling to balance all the roles and responsibilities you have?

Caring for a loved one with memory loss or a major life illness is overwhelming.
It’s so hard to find time for yourself within the day to day worries and to-do lists. As the point person, you know that you’re essential for your loved one’s wellbeing. It’s easy to get depleted providing care day in and day out.

Even if you wanted to get help, finding the time to do so may feel impossible. Getting out of the house by yourself can be really hard to coordinate. You are already knee- deep in doctor’s appointments and specialists, so you don’t want to add another one to the list.

Caring for yourself is essential but, when you take care of yourself, you also take care of the person you are caring for. You have to fill your own well to be able to care for others.

You matter.


You can’t effectively take care of your loved one when you’re burnt out. And caregiving is exhausting– you need support.

Together, we can work through the challenges and mixed feelings that come with supporting your loved one. Therapy can help you feel clearer and lighter, and more like yourself.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the needs of your loved one, but you deserve time and space, too.


Taking care of yourself is not just helpful, it’s essential.

Ready to get care for you?

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Changing roles in your family life can be stressful, and cause tension in your most important relationships. Together, we can honor your story so you can navigate these changes and feel empowered, purposeful and clear.

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