Find Joy in Motherhood

Are you struggling to feel connected and figure out parenting?

Do you feel exhausted even after you’ve slept?

Are you having trouble connecting with your baby?

Do you have a hard time resting because your mind won’t quiet down?

Are you short-tempered with your partner or people who are trying to help?

Do you feel like you have to hide your anger or are not allowed to be frustrated or angry?

You’re so tired. And you’re tired of saying you’re tired. And if one more person tells you to “stop and enjoy every moment,” you feel like you might scream.

You’d really like a break or some rest. But even when you get it, it’s hard to relax and turn your mind off from your worries and your to-do list. You also wonder why motherhood seems so easy or joyful for others while you’re left struggling and feeling disconnected.

Taking care of a new baby is hard work. Your body is healing, and your whole life is recalibrating. This time is a big adjustment for anyone and, when you’re feeling worried and sad during this huge time of change, it makes it doubly hard.

You give support, and you deserve to receive support. I get it.

You may feel like you should be able to figure motherhood out on your own. After all, so many people have babies, right? And you tell yourself that they figure it out just fine without help, so why can’t you? Nope. Motherhood is so complex. Bringing a baby into our lives is one of the biggest changes we undergo. Birth changes us in ways we couldn’t even have imagined.

Therapy is a time for YOU.


Everybody has advice, but when it comes to babies and being a new parent, you need help sorting through all the changes that come with this new, tiny person. Sometimes well-meaning friends, family members, and social media can make you feel like you’re not doing enough or not doing it right.

Ready to get care for you?

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Changing roles in your family life can be stressful, and cause tension in your most important relationships. Together, we can honor your story so you can navigate these changes and feel empowered, purposeful and clear.

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